Mine your e-mails.

ScriptMiner is a bot mining data from your e-mails.

Receiving hundreds of e-mails, mining, analyzing and processing the e-mails has become an impossible task. Our bot extracts and broadcasts data for you in a ready to use format.

E-mail is one of the most commonplace tool we are using on a daily basis for professional or personal reason. Easy to use, ScriptMiner technology will be your assistant in your routine tasks.

Our bot is focusing on mining quantitative information with a very high accuracy. It is learning rapidly to mine more than data. E-mails contain sentiment that ScriptMiner likes to analyze.

How it works

Create your personal bot on our website, forward your e-mails to your bot, you get straightaway a real time extraction of your e-mails data.

FROM: client@email.com SUBJECT: Order Confirmation Confirmation of the order #356AB Item: Item#5442 Price: 24 USD Size: 2m3 Weight: 2 kilos Delivery Adress: France Date: 20/04/2016
24 USD
2 kilos

Paris Real Estate

We subscribed to multiple sources of e-mails alerts on property coming on the market in Paris. The following table displays the latest alerts.
This is real time!

Credit Default Swap Indices

After the global financial crisis, more data is available on over-the-counter financial transactions. ScriptMiner is listening to Swap Data Repositories reports. The following table displays the latest credit derivatives transactions reported on the various SDR. This is real time!